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Soaking Bag


Soak your grow kit after every flush. The best place to soak the grow kit is inside the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C). Unfortunately a regular household fridge is not free of contaminants.
To keep your grow kit safe from contamination, store your grow kit inside this soaking bag during the soaking time inside the fridge. A must have for the serious grower!



Details for Soaking Bag

The soaking bag is a must for the soaking of the grow kits. Works great on every grow kit available in our store.

How to use the Soaking Bag

After you have picked all the mushrooms from the grow kit, fill the grow box completely with water. Close the lid, and place the grow box on a disinfected surface. Open the Soaking Bag and put the grow box inside. Close the open end of the Soaking Bag and now the growbox can be safely  stored inside the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C). The recommended duration to soak the grow kit is 12 hours.

After the soaking period, take the bag with the grow box from the fridge. Open the bag en take out the grow box from the bag. No you can prepare the grow kit for the next flush.

Make sure to disinfect the Soaking Bag properly of you decide to reuse it again. However, we recommend to use the bag only once for the purpose of soaking.

50 micron ziplock bag.

400 x 400mm.


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